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Welcome to EcoSpirit:
the Insitute of Sacred Ecology

Thanks for visiting this site while it is under development. Come back again to see how it grows.

Here you will find ways to honor, protect, celebrate, be deeply connected to the natural world and in communion with Creation.

The founder and coordinator Roger Wharton will work individually or in small groups to root you in the sacred Nature Wisdom Tradition. You will explore the interplay of the nature wisdom of many cultures and the science of ecology. You will develop your own unique spiritual way of relating to the web of life that nourishes and supports you. Once you begin to understand your place in this web of life on Earth, you will learn ways of expanding your nature awareness, listening to the wisdom of plants and aniamals, deeply appreciating the wonders of nature that surround you and becoming intuned with the spiritual forces that move through all creation. Importantly you will learn to nourish and support the the environment with your prayers and spiritual energy as you work to help heal the Earth.

As you explore this web site you will find various ways to develop your ecospirituality: through a nature retreat, in a NatureQuest program, by nature awareness training, attending a nature wisdom workshop, developing nature meditation techniques and hiking. For those individuals on a Christian path you will discover a wealth of material about the Christian Nature Wisdom Tradition and Creation Centered Spirituality. Pastors and church leaders will find the section on Churches in Communion with Creation helpful in building spiritual sensitivity for the Care of Creation. Learn more about the historical development of EcoSpirituality.

If you live the Santa Clara Valley area, the Rev'd Roger Wharton if avaialbe for individual spiritual education session, private nature retreats and other spiritual and religious services and celebrations.

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