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Wilderness Manna

Wilderness Manna was the name of my first Christian spiritual environmental program and publication. I choose this name, Wilderness Manna, because it was wilderness based camping program for youth and adults. The naming concept was derived from the biblical account of the miraculous feeding of the Hebrews while they traveled during the exodus across the desert. Each day God provided manna for them to gather and to eat. It was my belief that when we went into the wilderness seeking wisdom and connection with God that each one would receive exactly what they needed at that particular time in their life. People would have a different experience but it would be exactly what they needed at that point in their spiritual development.

This program began in Wisconsin and continued in New York and then Alaska. Much of the material that I developed for this program can now be found in the resource library on this web site. I invite you to explore this resource and to discover how God might feed you at this time.

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