Welcome to EcoSpirit

Founder and coordinator Roger Wharton will help you find ways to honor, protect, celebrate and connect deeply with the natural world  You will discover a personal path to Care for and be in Communion with Creation.

He will work individually or in small groups to root you in the sacred Nature Wisdom Tradition. You will explore the interplay of nature wisdom in many cultures and in the science of ecology. You will develop your own unique spiritual way of relating to the web of life that nourishes and supports you. Once you begin to understand your place in this web of life on Earth, you will learn ways of expanding your nature awareness. Listening to the wisdom of plants and animals, deeply appreciating the wonders of nature that surround you and becoming in tune with the spiritual forces that move through all creation. Importantly, you will learn to nourish and support the environment with your prayers and spiritual energy as you work to help heal the Earth.As you explore this site you will find various ways to develop your ecospirituality: through a nature retreat, in a NatureQuest program, by nature awareness training, attending a nature wisdom workshop, developing nature meditation techniques and hiking. Learn more about the historical development of EcoSpirituality.

If you live the Santa Clara Valley area, the Rev’d Roger Wharton is available for individual spiritual education sessions, private nature retreats and other spiritual and religious services and celebrations. Personal long-distance education can also be arranged. .

A new video is added most weeks that can be utilized that week for worship and study. Written essays of the same title can be fund in the resource area.

Video of the Week – The Nature Wisdom of Solomon – Useful for Revised Comm Lectionary A-12 or for Anytime

Jesus Goes to Nature to Pray for Sunday, August 9th

This Short Introduction can be used on Sunday, August 16th as I am on vacation and have not produced a video keyed to the lectionary this week.