Resource Library

The follow resources are presented here for you to utilize to explore Sacred Ecology and the Nature Wisdom Tradition. All materials are written by Roger EcoChaplain Wharton – please give credit where credit is due, and enjoy!

Videos –many Biblical and Chrisitan Nature Wisdom videos can be found on the video resource page.

Care of Creation Wise Words. This collection of quotations can be used for personal reflections, utilized in church bulletins, newsletters, on social media. Be creative and help your readers be remain conscious our their connect to Creation.

Theology, Meditations & Spiritual Reflections and Essays:

Jesus Goes into Nature

Proclaim the Good News to all of Creation

God Satisfies the Needs of Every Living Creature

The Nature Wisdom of Solomon

An Introduction to Biblical Nature Wisdom

The Great Commandment: An Ecological Perspective

Jonah’s Vision Quest

Noah’s Ark Revisited

The Story of Noah’s Ark and the GBLTQ Community

Bethlehem: A Mystical Visit to a Sacred Place

An Introduction to Creation Centered Spirituality: lecture notes from SJSU

How to Visit a Sacred Place: lecture notes from SJSU

Poet’s Corner: Christian Nature Wisdom reflections by Pheobe Pettingell by various poets.

Support for Church Year Liturgical Celebrations


Nature Wisdom Tradition Found During Advent (see video collection)


Bethlehem: A Mystical Visit to a Sacred Place

Holy Week

12th Station of the Cross (see video collection)

Meditation on Palms for Palm Sunday in the Creation Centered and Christian Nature Centered Tradition (see video collection)

Palm Sunday & Holy Week Christian Nature Wisdom and Christian Centered Concepts (see video collection)


Scriptural Meditations for Holy Week and Palm Sunday


Biblical Nature Wisdom

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