The Rev’d Dr. Roger Wharton

EcoChaplain for the Care of Creation

Roger Wharton, has been introducing people to the out-of-doors since he was a teenager. He has staffed and directed several children’s summer camps. As an undergraduate biology major he planned and developed a small outdoor education park for the community of Westerville, Ohio. He has taught in a residential outdoor education school, developed land laboratories, and has completed advanced work in outdoor/environmental education.

The world of nature has always been a place of great spiritual inspiration and opening for him. He has two advanced degrees in spirituality and has been assisting people on the spiritual path for over 25 years. Roger has studied with many teachers and has completed several 10 day passages, a 28 day solo, and wilderness guide training. He has guided individuals and groups in Wisconsin, Michigan, the Adirondack Mountains, British Columbia, Alaska, the Yukon and California.

Although Christianity has been his primary metaphor for spiritual exploration he has explored many other spiritual traditions and is especially interested in Native American spirituality and the Way of the Tao. Roger is open to all spiritual paths and enjoys listening, learning, and sharing stories of spiritual exploration. His doctorate is in Sacred Ecology and the Christian Nature Wisdom Tradition. As an Episcopal priest he is currently a campus chaplain at San Jose State University, De Anza College and ministers with young adults in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Roger Wharton is available for spiritual education and counseling, consultation, educational workshops, teacher and camp staff trainings, lectures, workshops, the Council of All Beings, individual retreats & nature wisdom quests as well as other special outdoor events for all ages.

Educational and Professional Background for Roger Wharton

Education. I hold the following degrees: BS (with distinction and biology honors), Outdoor Teacher Education (24 semester hours), M. Div., M.S. in Spirituality, D.Min in Sacred Ecology.

Coordinator of Wilderness Manna since January 1986. The informal Christian outdoor education and wilderness program that I had been conducting for several years was formalized as a special ministry of the Episcopal Churches in Juneau in 1986. Through this program we offer wilderness trips that are designed to be spiritual adventures in which people are encouraged to learn from the Book of Nature as well as through the Book of Holy Scripture in an experienced based Christian learning environment.

Parish Experience. I have served congregations in Wisconsin, New York, Alaska, and California. I also served as the coordinator for youth ministries for fifty-six congregations in New York.

Organized Camp Experience: I began as a camp nature counselor at age fourteen and worked for many summers in various camps. I was a Camp Director for camps in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Teaching Experience. I have taught junior and senior high science and was an instructor at an outdoor environmental education school. I have also conducted workshops, retreats, conferences, and outdoor experiences in many settings. I contributed chapters in several books and have had articles printed in magazines.