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Roger Wharton opened my eyes not only into the importance of living an ecologically responsible spiritual life, but into how easy and rewarding that path can be.

Bruce Harris
March 7, 2020

Roger is not like any spiritual guide I talked to before. He’s not going to help me lose weight or reach a new peak of mental elevation. Roger is an expert with letting nature do its work. This has resulted to awe, acceptance, and deep connection to the natural world. Roger offers knowledge freely, authentic wit, and kindness. He helped me partner my values with ecological stewardship.

Chris Gonzales
May 5, 2020

Walking alongside Roger has allowed me to notice the beauty, diversity and adaptability of nature and the ways that we can learn and heal along with it. Plus, Roger’s got a wealth of stories to illuminate his knowledge and he can crack a quick joke too!

Jessy Wei
May 5, 2020

Roger’s teachings of ecological spirituality has reminded me of my deep connection with the earth and the stars above. His sermons have inspired and caused me to recall memories of my childhood: playing in the dirt, dancing in the sun, and listening to the crickets sing at night. The entire earth ecosystem is the gift of creation which we are all connected and that we have a responsibility to nurture. Allow yourself to explore what it’s like to be a human being apart of nature again.

J. Clemente
May 5, 2020

Roger has been a spiritual guide and fixture in my life since I was a teen. He is a shining example of someone who is committed to transmitting knowledge, but also to connecting with others on a deeply personal level.

Tom Hackworthy
May 19, 2020

Roger’s dedication to and passion for ecological spirituality is inspiring to say the least. He has a wealth of knowledge and is determined to spread it, which is a huge gift to all of us.

Katy Hackworthy
May 19, 2020

Roger’s passion for the marriage

Roger’s passion for the marriage of ecology and spirituality is inspiring. Roger’s programs and sermons are easily accessible to Clergy, and provide a wealth of resources to clergy who want to address this important part of our theology with their congregations. As a priest of a small congregation myself, I have even used a portion of one of Roger’s video sermons in my own virtual service to give credible ’heft‘ to a sermon I was preaching on the topic. Roger helps us recognize the gift of creation and gives us a desire to care for it.

Renee Miller
November 12, 2020

Roger has been a great

Roger has been a great mentor and leader, weaving knowledge from many sources with a non dogmatic Christian perspective. He’s doing important work in an evolving, diverse world including teachings on connecting with the natural world….. The importance of forests, gardening, etc….. Which is much needed in a chaotic world that is often disconnected from nature as we become more dependent on technology. His teachings are vital for wholeness!

November 12, 2020

Roger introduced me to the

Roger introduced me to the CA redwoods and the life and work of St Francis of Assisi. Through his connection with the Christian faith and nature, now I have my church under the blue sky and wide-open spaces. I take time to be in nature and meditate on the “perfection” all around me. The Ocean & Redwoods have become my elders with whom I spend time twice a year. Now every time I experience nature I feel the presence of GRACE and the Source called YAHWEH. Thanks to this introduction of Christian nature wisdom where once was fear is now only peace and connection.

Kevin Elzia
November 14, 2020

Roger Wharton’s “Ecospirit” hears the

Roger Wharton’s “Ecospirit” hears the voice of God in the Sunrise revealing all colour to Sunset when His voice becomes a whisper in Moonrise and planet stories telling their tales in the everchanging star stories.
It was after all a star that led the wise men, it was the stars that told the silent story when all became black on a Friday afternoon and then..then Sunrise. Is there more? Yes, we will all catch it someday.

Fr. James Kaestner
November 15, 2020

I worked with Roger

I worked with Roger for 10 years as a hospice chaplain and found him to be kind, caring and compassionate with patients. These are the same attributes he gives to the earth.

His message is essential to heal the broken and bruised earth.

Ann Seckinger. (Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor
November 15, 2020

Father Wharton, has been in

Father Wharton, has been in my family for many years. Starting with being our minister at St. Mathias Episcopal Church for many years. My aunt and uncle also attended his church in Eagle River, WI. After our home was built, he blessed in a very beautiful manner. We always enjoyed having him over. He was there for us when we asked him to do both of my parent’s funerals traveling from California. A true friend and a great minister.

Nancy Hackworthy Synder
November 16, 2020

Roger’s unique approach and ministry

Roger’s unique approach and ministry have appealed to me, personally through my interests in nature and the earth and the spiritual. His care and knowledge of the world around us merges perfectly with his love of God. He and his teachings have impacted me, profoundly. I am thankful to him and to his compelling storytelling, rich in purpose and creativity.

Allen Chandler Tyler Busby
November 19, 2020

EcoChaplain Roger Wharton is an inspiring teacher who creates living images bringing  Christian stories to life. He shares nature wisdom and fun, ingenious style through the clever use of metaphors, nature, and spirituality. I have found his meditations useful for living a meaningful, faith-filled life during these challenging and changing times.

Paulette Gilli, RN
December 3, 2020

The Great Book of Creation

The Ancient Celts spoke of the Great Book of Creation that was as sacred as the Little Book, the Bible.  Roger has been reading the Great Book most of his life.  EcoSpirit Ministries spreads before us his formation in the wisdom of Creation with a marvelous weaving of insight and resources.   A  readily available resource for individuals and group formation to be shaped by the Great Book, a means of deeper engagement to preserve and heal this fragile earth, our island home.

Jerry Drino, Canon Theologian, Episcopal Church in Navajoland. Celtic Liturgist and Theologian, Contributor and seminar leader of Reading Between the Lines, a lectionary study resource.
December 3, 2020
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