Equipment List

The following is a list of the equipment that you will need. Don’t let lack of equipment keep you from participating as there is cache of supplies that you can freely use. Print this list and use it as a check off list.

  • small tent & ground cloth
  • backpack
  • sleeping bag & pad
  • something to use to set comfortable on the ground
  • flashlight
  • drinking water (bring your own water or a container that may be filled on site) at least 3 quarts per day – more in hot weather
  • food – enough fruit & vegetables (fresh or dried), nuts, seeds, energy bars for light eating (nothing that requires cooking)
  • clothing that can be layered for warmth
  • rain gear especially in the Santa Cruz Mts. where there is often heavy drizzel year round
  • personal items including sun screen, toilet paper, and waterless soap (Purell).
  • two large heavy duty garbage bags
  • notebook and pencil/pen (sketch book if you are into drawing)
  • small musical instrument (if musically inclined)